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MFR_ALbum_Cover_2Released: March 2015

For a band straight out of Melbourne, Australia, it is perhaps unsurprising that Money For Rope is a band making waves in the surf rock genre, but as the opening Common Man attests to, it isn’t just upbeat summer tunes.

Shrouded in jangling guitars, stabs of electric piano and snarling bass lines, its less Switchfoot and more watered-down stoner fuzz. But that is not necessarily a bad thing.

At times sounding like a more raucous U2 (particularly on Been In The Wars) it can be a little difficult to pin down what Money For Rope are exactly all about.

The music itself is decent enough, but there’s little here that you won’t have heard before. Howeber, the tunes have a four-on-the-floor charm of straight-ahead rock, and the choruses of You’ll Be Gone and the Clint Eastwood swagger of Hang ‘Em High provide some of the album’s breakout moments.

Money For Rope is the kind of band that is probably a lot of fun to see live, and given a few more albums will make for a solid display. In the meantime keep an ear on the Aussies for what might come next.


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