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mo-kenney-albumReleased: April 2014

Mo Kenney is something of a difficult artist to digest. Her husky vocals and classic rock influences make her seem like a frustrated rocker without a full time band at times, and interspersed with the proto-rock numbers are laid back acoustic tunes which pitch her firmly in the singer/songwriter camp.

It’s on track four of her self-titled debut, I Can’t Talk, where the songwriter starts to shine through after the opening salvo of rather bland pop rock tunes which are frankly a little too short to even be noticed. It’s a great track, but it’s ruined instantly by the clumsy segue into the tuneless bass jamming intro of Scene Of the Crime. To be fair it does improve to a tune with a bit of a hook, but jarring transitions between two styles isn’t likely to settle any listener long enough to see the album through to the end.

And that is the fundamental problem with this album. The songwriting chops are there, albeit not fully honed, but it comes across too often that Mo Kenney hasn’t decided if she wants to be in a full-on rock band or toe the acoustic folk line. As her debut album it is perhaps to be expected but a little unpalatable nonetheless.


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