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MissImp at The Glee Club Nottingham – Review

MissImp at The Glee Club Nottingham – Review

Improvised comedy is always a bit of a gamble. It relies on audience members being vocal, open-minded and having a sense of humour.

Thankfully, the gamble of spending my Friday night with MissImp at Nottingham’s Glee Club hugely paid off.
glee-club-nottinghamIntroduced by a compare with boundless energy and a fabulous moustache, the eight quick-witted members of MissImp used a variety of mediums for their comedy, ranging from musical parodies and songs comparing colostomy bags to conservatories, to sketches involving accents and an unwritten Shakespeare play.

Two of the best scenes which really pushed the boundaries of improvisation incorporated slips of paper on which audience members had written lines of dialogue while waiting for the show to begin. Similar to ‘Whose line is it anyway?’, most of the content was crude, rude and sometimes a bit racist, but all of it was absolutely hilarious.

Of course, the best thing about improvised comedy is that it can never be recreated. There is no danger of seeing the same set twice, and as an audience member you’re invited to play an active part in shaping the evening. It’s the cheapest and funniest Friday night available in Nottingham.

MissImp perform at Glee Club on the last Friday of every month. Tickets are £6.


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