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Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

mirror mirror2012

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy

Directed by: Tarsem Singh

Starring: Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer

In a new version of the fairy tale, a feisty bandit version of Snow White (Lily Collins) does battle with Julia Roberts wicked queen.

Foregoing the Gothic adventure angle of Snow White and the HuntsmanMirror Mirror opted for a lighter comedic retelling of this fable. Firstly I quite liked Julia Roberts bitchy, sarcastic take on the evil queen but I found Lily Collins a bit blah and weak. It was pleasant enough in a silly overblown sort of way, but it lacked a sense of excitement and energy. It just felt a bit flat and one-dimensional. It could’ve done with being a bit more inventive and irreverent like the Princess Bride (or early Shrek), or all out zany, like in Your Highness. Instead, what we have is a staid and tepid version of a pantomime except with better sets, costumes and effects (and without the “its behind you!”).

So with two recent versions of Snow White who would win in a fairy tale smack down?

The wicked queen: this round goes too Julia. She was not as Gothic and scary as Charlize Theron, but she was less hammy and stiff.

The Dwarfs: I found the CGI luvvie dwarfs quite irritating in Snow White and the Huntsman, whilst the Dwarfs in Mirror, Mirror were fun and engaging.

Snow White Vs. Snow White: this goes to K-Stew by a nose, who is more interesting as an edgy warrior princess.

Film Vs. Film: overall I preferred the darker take on the legend given by Snow White and Huntsman.

It wins over all… KO!


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