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Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Is Made In Chelsea The Phoniest Of Them All?

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Is Made In Chelsea The Phoniest Of Them All?

made in chelseaCreated as what can only be described as a classy alternative to The Only Way Is Essex, Made in Chelsea, or MiC to fans, is now in its fourth series…though how exactly that happened I’m not entirely sure. The level of pretentious falseness has been taken up a notch and it appears not even the cast are able to keep straight faces as they perform their staged lines. As a regular watcher from the beginning I now find myself asking the obvious question – has Made in Chelsea become as ridiculous as Francis Boulle’s moustache?

I’ve always been a MiC girl over TOWIE, believing that at the very least the MiC cast had a higher level of intelligence, a lower tolerance of fake tan and not a vajazzle in sight. However, these positive views are being squashed with every further episode that hits E4, as it becomes increasingly apparent that I’m watching a silly and juvenile soap opera rather than a realistic portrayal of these young and affluent Chelsea socialites. Are they even socialites? It’s difficult to know which story being fed to us has an ounce of truth and which is just plain fiction.

The first couple of series were fresh and amusing, with potentially realistic scenarios and what felt like very realistic emotional responses. The scripted show has now become hideously embarrassing, not only for those watching but for those on screen. The cast utter their sentences as if reading from a prompter, struggling to get through each scene without smirking or chuckling at whatever bizarre situation they’ve been placed in. Spencer seems to substitute his frequently forgotten lines with the F word, whilst the ladies pout and titter their way from spa to shop to shindig and back again.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times people ‘bump’ into each other whilst casually ambling the streets of Belgravia or having a spot of leafy lunch where, incidentally, nobody ever seems to touch the plate of food in front of them. The term ‘fancy seeing you here’ should become the show’s catch phrase, along with ‘Yeaaaah Boi’…which I’ve never actually heard anyone say in real life and now I know why. Utter the phrase and you sound ridiculous – do not pass go, do not collect £200.

Whilst the few new faces keep it interesting, they don’t bring anything novel to the show. Andy is a slightly less bothersome version of Spencer, the new ‘alpha male’ as they call it, and I’m pretty sure Sophia is just Caggie in disguise. While I’m on the subject, please come back Caggie…we miss you. And where is dear Hugo? Oh that’s right, he’s hopping from one ‘reality’ show to another as he can now be seen on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here; they’re playing it loose with the term ‘celebrity’ as usual.

Where once I watched with intrigue and mild excitement, I now watch with silent cringes and yet I feel compelled to keep watching, to absorb the pure comedy of it all. The awkwardness, the fake conversations, the TOWIE tangoed skin…it’s addictive even if it is complete drivel. I’ll happily accept a portion of the blame for keeping the ratings going, there’s evidently plenty enough to go around.

They say “in Chelsea the truth is more fabulous than fiction”…but really shouldn’t that be the other way around?

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