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Michael Henry & Justin Robinett Video Interview

Michael Henry & Justin Robinett Video Interview


Ah YouTube, what a glorious thing you are. You brought us Charlie Bit My Finger and Evolution of Dance… viral videos we all know and love from old. I’m not sure the world as we know it could have functioned without Zombie Kid Likes Turtles or Justin Bieber. YouTube has become a part of our lives, as important as computers themselves. Once in a while though YouTube brings to attention true talent; talent that makes us music lovers thankful that YouTube exists or we might have been kept in the dark forever.

The talent I speak of is the brilliant musical duo that is Michael Henry and Justin Robinett. Their video views are well into the thousands, most of them hundreds of thousands, and it’s clear to see why. They’ve covered artists ranging from John Mayer to Michael Jackson to Jason Derulo and one thing they always manage to do is transform a song into their own unique version. Their covers are melodious, heartfelt and, nine times out of ten, better than the original.

One look at the comments on their videos show that the duo are getting more popular as the days pass. Being inundated with cover song requests and indeed marriage proposals says it all… these guys are loved. It’s hard not to warm to them when they come across as so charmingly genuine, something that goes a long way when building a fan base. Take note fellow YouTubers.

In our video interview Michael and Justin chat about their music, their lives and their future plans. They also answer our quick fire questions which reveal Justin’s love of Hermione Granger and apples (you’ll see) and Michael’s great joke telling skills…

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