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Several months ago independent studio Camel 101 and publisher Kasedo Games revealed their plans to launch a new real-time sci-fi tactical game, Mechs and Mercs: Black Talons.

With the release date drawing closer, Camel 101 decided to mark the countdown by releasing a featurette each week up until the launch, showcasing one of the different factions found within Mechs and Mercs: Black Talons.
mechs-and-mercsThe countdown kicked off last week with a more detailed introduction of the Black Talons, the main player controlled mercenary company within the game. Making a living as guns for hire, the Black Talons employ specialist squads, including Recon, Engineers, Tactical, and Assault squads, for all of your conquering campaign needs.

This week we get our first real glimpse of the elite noble warriors of House Leonis. Armed with power armour, heavy weapons and a power shield, the guard’s most prised piece of equipment, it will take more than a rag-tag bunch of mercenaries to take out this skilled group of warriors.

With no specific release date yet announced other than Q4 of 2014, this countdown suggests the game should be released within the next month or two. To keep up to date with each of the new featurettes or to find out more about already announced factions within Mechs and Mercs: Black Talons, check out the game’s official website.

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