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Meant To Love – Rob Vischer

Meant To Love – Rob Vischer

meant-to-loveReleased: 2013

Hands up if you’ve ever seen a band playing in a hair salon? Well Rob Vischer is all for it, apparently it pays better than some traditional pub gigs. Who knew!? But as Vischer himself says ‘it turns out some women love tall guys who sing love songs.’

Upbeat love songs are always going to be popular, and the hooks on the likes of Once Again and Love For A Lifetime are enough to send any girls in a hair salon wild for his simple pop charm.

It’s therefore surprising that Vischer cites Muse and The Civil Wars as some of his influences when his music is all together much more optimistic. Perhaps it is as a result of a work ethic that has seen him buck the traditional methods and go for selling CDs door to door in a gesture that is so DIY it’s a wonder he had time to tour his music at all.

But his get-up and go attitude has worked wonders, and has crucially funded this album of lived in but refreshing songs that comprise Meant to Love. His love and passion for the music oozes out of every inch of plastic and he comes across as a genuine talent.

Crossing between the country chugging of Neon Mistletoe to the charging rock tour de force of Airwaves and Envelopes, Meant to Love is that rare album that can be listened to as a series of choice individual cuts, or as a coherent album of Sunday sizzlers enjoyed as a record experience. Rob Vischer is a fine songwriter, and when the handclaps start on Love For A Lifetime I can’t help but smile and join in.

Hopefully with an upcoming tour imminent, Vischer’s star can shine ever brighter and head towards something bigger. This is an album which you are, unsurprisingly, meant to love, and I can’t think of a better reason than that for owning this record.


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