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A trailer review from a Maze Runner newbie:

Dylan O’Brien (of MTV’s Teen Wolf fame) and Effie from Skins run around a national park, chased by unknown assailants in a labyrinth of shifting concrete walls. Not much more to add just yet, although it is only trailer one of likely countless more to come. This trailer ably conveys the YA thrills which could satisfy the Hunger Games crowd, but otherwise doesn’t really make much sense of the plot for those uninitiated with the book series.

Part Sci Fi, part drama, part adventure, it still feels like something’s missing. There is nothing particularly striking so far about the clips shown, but credit where credit is due: the film, in the words of Culturefly’s own commander-in-chief @njxenos, ‘doesn’t look terrible’. It’s at least intriguing to discover what the whole maze prison means…

As the plot is completely unknown to me and I refuse to cave in to the lure of Wikipedia just yet, I’ll make a few early predictions for the movie based on this trailer experience:

  • Maybe like ‘60s cult fave The Prisoner, these characters will all get chased by floating white balloons if they get too near the Maze perimeter.
  • It’s all a computer simulation! Based in a near future world fuelled by the game console digital world war.
  • This isn’t even Earth! It’s another world’s training program to acclimatise potential explorers to Earth’s alien dangers (this idea may be ripped from a ‘90s Goosebumps episode).
  • Upon reaching the Maze centre they meet David Bowie in a wig. All hail the Goblin King.
  • Effie did it.

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