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Just saying the name Christopher Nolan can lead to onslaughts of mass hysteria and pant wetting from many full-grown cinephiles. Imagine the excitement when the trailer for his latest secrecy shrouded blockbuster was played to an eager group of cinemagoers at the Imax.

Even after this 2+ minute preview, we still know very little about Interstellar. What we do know is that Matthew McConaughey’s Cooper is a father to two children, a firm believer in Murphy’s Law, and that he lives in a house overlooking some fairly extensive cornfields. We also discover that he’s “an engineer”, a laudable trait, but unfortunately not one that’s going to help with humanity’s current predicament of diminishing food stocks. Enter Michael Caine’s Professor, a man with the gift of giving substantial exposition in small time frames, to point Cooper & the rest of civilization towards the answer… Interstellar travel.

Many have already criticised the trailer for its slow-burning nature, while others have rightfully applauded the restraint of Nolan and his promotions team. There are glimpses of the spectacular space travel, which will no doubt form the beating heart of Nolan’s adventure, but this trailer is more concerned with establishing an atmosphere. The script, drawn from an idea by Christopher Nolan and written by his younger brother Jonathan, looks set to address some intriguing questions about man’s attitude towards space travel, while remaining rooted in Cooper’s poignant plight as he is forced to leave his children behind in order to help save them. Immersive, imaginative and awe-inspiring, Interstellar’s trailer excitingly hints at a film of vast scope and commendable intelligence… we can only hope that the Imax staff thoroughly cleaned the seats after showing it.

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