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Carrying on the space-age, ‘earth is ruined’ scenario that’s dangerously close to becoming the latest disastrously overused plot idea, everyone’s favourite action-man Matt Damon stars in Elysium. Set in the year 2154, where the wealthy live on a space-station and the poor live on a crumbling earth, Max De Costa (Damon) takes on a mission that could bring equality to both populations.

The storyline doesn’t exactly scream originality but with Matt Damon as our leading man do we care? Damon rarely partakes in any truly awful movies and he does action so damn well – Jason Bourne will forever be in our memories. The film also stars Jodie Foster and William Fichtner, further securing it’s appeal and lining it up as a contender for sci-fi action film of the year. It may not surpass Star Trek Into Darkness but it could come close.

The effects look stunning, the action looks awesome and Damon looks on top form – what’s not to love?!

Elysium will hit UK cinemas in September.

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