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Martin Harley Band Live At Norwich Waterfront Studio

Martin Harley Band Live At Norwich Waterfront Studio

martin harley bandMartin Harley is not a man to take things easy. Having set a record in 2005 for the highest ever gig atop a mountain, and playing the Blues Gone Green tour which saw him cycle to every venue on the tour: 1,200 miles over 27 shows in 2010, Martin Harley enjoys pushing the boundaries of live music.

Tonight’s gig sees him in a much more relaxed form, playing to a few hundred fans in support of his latest album Mojo Fix.

The new album is represented well with future favourites Outlaw and Mojo Fix sounding heavy, and the serene Treading Water proving just how much of a romantic Martin Harley is.

His music draws heavily on delta blues, slide guitar, country and folk, but that’s not to say that the band doesn’t know how to rock a good commercial tune. Love In The Afternoon and the jazzy Money Don’t Matter would have been huge radio hits had Martin Harley been more established. But perhaps his independent, journeyman persona is part of the charm. Indeed he seems very relaxed and it’s clear he loves playing these songs no matter the size of the venue or audience, and makes for a very intimate gig.

The highlight of the set is when the band go unplugged and come out from the stage into the audience for a haunting performance of Winter Coat, a particularly apt song considering the sub-zero temperatures outside. His performance on his guitar built from a table is sublime and with all the favourites represented, his set leaves no one disappointed. As a mark of his genuine gratitude, he even stays behind after the gig to sign merchandise and chat to fans.

Catch him on tour now.

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