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mammouth-pale-firesReleased: September 2014

Adopting the ‘name your price’ digital download concept, the new EP from London-based psych rock ruffians Pale Fires sees them very much aware of the need to get people to shows rather than number of albums bought.

So with this in mind, is Mammoth EP any good?

Well, sadly the jury is out on that one. Across the six tracks that comprise the collection, there is little to definitively answer one way or the other. It reeks of mediocrity, and while neither bad nor good, commits the cardinal sin of being entirely forgettable just moments after you’ve finished listening to it.

The band recorded it entirely analogue, which is a neat idea given the age of pro-tools and computer wizardry, but the fact remains that the songs aren’t memorable enough to back up this notion.

With an EP entitled Mammoth, the record should really be ballsy, loud, aggressive, gargantuan and monolithic, but instead the likes of the title track and River just sound bored, uninspired and phoned-in.

It’s disappointing because Pale Fires clearly think carefully about what they do, and are attempting to make their own unique mark in a saturated market – they adopt body paint and visual displays in their live show, but one can’t help but think listening to this 30 minute set that all the extras are just gimmicks to cover for the fact that they haven’t got any real songs.

I entirely admire their effort, but the sad truth is Pale Fires need to go back to the campfire and write a few killer tunes before they can hope for a slice of the commercial pie.


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