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Malice – John Gwynne

Malice – John Gwynne

maliceReleased: 2012

It’s not often these days that I find a book I entirely immerse myself in. John Gwynne’s first book Malice is one of these books. It’s an epic fantasy based in the Banished Lands, a harsh medieval kingdom inhabited by men and giants, and follows the life of Corban a young boy who wants to become a warrior, but who’s destined for much greater things.

The book is written similarly to the Game of Thrones series, each chapter following a different character, and like Game of Thrones it’s next to impossible to put down. The plot is full of twists and turns and pulls you forward as you desperately want to find out what’s going to happen to the characters you very quickly build a relationship with.

However what I found most appealing about this book is the fact that you can very easily see it becoming a Lord of the Rings style film, an epic adventure following a young boy’s life whilst kings fight giants in the overarching story.

Gwynne’s use of imagery is so good that whenever I put it down I found myself trying to remember what I’d been watching earlier on before realising I hadn’t been watching anything at all, it was just the story sucking me in.

The book is more than capable of holding its own with any other book in its genre and as it’s the first book in his Faith and the Fallen series I plan on being front of the queue when the second one hits the shelves.


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