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Make It Out Alive EP – Orchard Hill Review

Make It Out Alive EP – Orchard Hill Review

make-it-out-alive-orchard-hillReleased: December 2014

The debut EP from female-fronted post-hardcore rockers Orchard Hill certainly rollicks past quickly, with a restrained punk tenacity synonymous with the genre.

Frontwoman Tiff Nicholson is the focal point, and she can certainly capture the soaring top notes required. If she plays her cards right, Make It Out Alive could cement her position as a long-player in the market.

The EP features three tracks that have been finely crafted, if not particularly ground breaking. It sounds a little safe, but one gets the impression Orchard Hill are still finding their feet, and that is entirely to be expected at this stage in their career.

Indeed, their journey to this point has been one of hard slogging on the pub circuit for a number of years, so this breakthrough collection of tunes is entirely deserved.

The title track and Blame Game are the rockier numbers to the closing ballad of In Bliss. Indeed, so accomplished is the latter, one wonders why it has taken them this long to reveal it.

As debut EPs go, Make It Out Alive is a decent effort, and should give Orchard Hill some entirely justified exposure. The real test is with the full-length debut we will be waiting for.


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