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More McConaughy? Really? Can we take anymore? Taking over our festival and cinema screens one dramatic role at a time, from Killer Joe to Mud, I guess it truly does take more than 10 days to lose this guy…badumtss!

Dallas Buyers Club is the true story of Ron Woodroof, a Texan man who contracted HIV in 1986 and subsequently battled against the US medical system and pharmaceutical companies in his quest to obtain and distribute the necessary drugs to combat the disease.

Along with the serious subject matter, there seems to be a heavy slant toward humour here too, especially with Ron smuggling drugs across the Mexican border dressed as a priest. Startling for viewers will be the drastic physical changes in both Matthew McConaughy as the cowboy-esque electrician Ron, and Jared Leto as transsexual Rayon. This film certainly has the look and feel of an Oscar contender, with McConaughy proving the dramatic chops we all knew he had since the days of Dazed & Confused (no joke), and with reviews out of TIFF all stating the same, it seems that this film is an awards-worthy reflection of a crisis point in US consciousness rather than a mere attempt to pander to the Academy.

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