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Luc Besson’s upcoming action comedy film The Family stars Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer as the respective patriarch and matriarch of the Manzoni crime family, who suddenly have to up and leave their old lives in America to live in witness protection in a sleepy ‘burb of Normandy, France.

Of course, a bounty is on this family’s head, meaning mayhem is on its way to the rural gallic province. This red-band trailer shows a lot more of the violence on offer in this flick, as De Niro’s character looks pretty nifty with a mallet, and Pfeiffer seems to have a knack for causing explosions.

Besson has displayed his mix of action movie and comedy skills previously in Leon and the epicly offbeat visual style of The Fifth Element. The Family conveys the same blend of humour and action as, despite the carnage in the trailer, we are shown a soft, mellower side to the criminal life, with De Niro’s Giovanni settling down to type his memoir into a typewriter…before deciding to break some kneecaps.

…wait… is that Quinn from Glee?

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