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Love Zombies at the Leeds Met – Live At Leeds Review

Love Zombies at the Leeds Met – Live At Leeds Review


Love Zombies are as mad as a soup sandwich and make half as much sense. We selected this gig from the line-up purely on the basis of their name, and we weren’t disappointed.

Lead singer Hollis bounded onto the stage in multiple layers of coloured skirt, with a pink 50’s apron over the top and red cowboy boots to match her red heart glasses. Somewhat unsurprisingly, midway through their set she kicked off her boots to reveal bright yellow socks and leapt into the timid audience to encourage us towards the stage.

Clearly taking her fashion sense from the more questionable moments of the last century, her vocals were of a young Gwen Stefani, and the rest of the London band contributed to something that resembled No Doubt’s formative years. She also defiantly sung from the top of their speakers, and despite a thin audience, they weren’t short on energy and they truly gave it their all.

Sadly, the venue had a lot to do with the poor turn out as it was tucked away in a corner of Leeds Met Students’ Union away from the main stage and with poor signage. Thus the eccentricity at times didn’t have enough people to make it work but Love Zombies’ perseverance was admirable and we were pleased we caught them.


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