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Lost Dawn – Fever Review

Lost Dawn – Fever Review

Fever is an upbeat and effortless second album with great confidence from Cornwall three-piece Lost Dawn.

Opening track, Electrify, is a throwback to 70’s rock with catchy hooks and hypnotic vocals from frontman Stanley Duke. A mix of pop and rock with hints of The Clash, it’s a perfect way to open up the six track record.

Naked Lunch picks up the pace with heavier bass, faster drums and rapid guitar, showcasing the band’s ability to up the tempo without losing their signature sound.

The title track and Aguila take things down a notch with a slower groove and less frantic sound. The controlled softness of Aguila is the perfect ending to what is otherwise an energetic mini album.

Great production values and an assured approach that still manages to sound experimental gives the impression of a band that’s been around much longer than they actually have.

With just six tracks, Lost Dawn have improved upon their last effort and demonstrated what they have to offer for the future. Bring on the full-length album.


Fever is out on 5 February 2016 via Easy Action

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