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After almost 17 years in a black leather suit (sadly not the yellow spandex we were hoping for), Hugh Jackman has decided to officially hang up his claws and will star in his last outing as Wolverine in the feature film Logan – set to be released in March 2017. With the trailer for the film having been released recently, let’s take a look at some moments in the trailer and potential plot points which could happen in the movie.

So the trailer starts off with a voiceover from Patrick Stewart as we are shown an old and haggard Wolverine; with old battle scars suggesting that his regenerate healing factor might not be as effective resulting in Wolverine beginning to visibly age. Moments later, we are shown a scene of Wolverine standing in the shadows at a funeral, suggesting the other X-Men may have died – but how? However, not all the members of the team are dead. Charles Xavier is still alive but looking worse for wear himself as he is lying on a hospital bed in what looks like an abandoned building. This leaves us wondering what happened to Charles and how did he end up here – we’ll just have to wait and see how the plot evolves.

We also see appearances from the mutant Caliban, now played by Stephen Merchant, and Donald Pierce, an X-Men supervillain who some viewers may remember from the 90s X-Men: Animated Series. However the new character of the film which created the most buzz is a young girl whom the Professor describes as being “very much” like Logan. So this could only mean one thing – it’s Laura Kinney aka X-23! Now for people who don’t know who X-23 is, she is a clone of Wolverine, sharing his regenerative healing factor and adamantium claws. Now depending how close the film sticks to the comic book storyline, this plot has the potential to be really great as we could see the developing father and daughter type relationship between the team as Wolverine, with the help of Professor X, must protect the young girl from a new threat.

Now a moment and definite highlight of the trailer which had people talking was seeing Wolverine shove his claws into a henchman’s head! Yep, I know that sounds gruesome but it’s what fans have wanted for a long time – to see Wolverine in a more rated R fashion; the man has adamantium claws so it’s about time we see a little blood. So fans will hopefully enjoy seeing a much darker and gritty Wolverine film.

With this being Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine, hopefully this film will encapsulate the true Marvel character and Jackman will display a memorable performance that he made his own and give fans the performance that they deserve. And hopefully we’ll see that yellow and blue spandex costume, or even the classic costume used in the deleted scene from The Wolverine – one can hope!

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