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Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett recently supported the likes of MØ and Years & Years, before heading off on their headline tour around the UK and it’s safe to say they’ve got their foot placed firmly in the door. Channelling La Roux’s vocals, the energy of Years & Years and lyrical depth of the XX, Nimmo perfectly capture the essence of heartbreak and struggle. Yet it’s Sarah and Reva’s on stage chemistry, raw passion and energy that stir strong feelings of sadness and turn them into something uplifting and beautiful.

Placed front of stage in Green Door Store’s notoriously sweaty venue, I feel the anticipation emanating from Sarah’s mother. “I always get nervous for her” she admits, huddled between her family in the eclectic Brighton audience. It’s not the first Nimmo gig she’s attended and it won’t be the last; she recounts having watched the duo at XOYO in Shoreditch in October while the band take their places on stage. She needn’t have worried. Reva and Sarah burst onto stage looking effortlessly cool and proceed to weave seamlessly between emotional dance numbers like ‘Dancing Makes Us Brave’; “I need to feel, something that’s real” and hauntingly catchy ‘My Only Friend’. Sarah exudes a kind of serenity while Reva’s magnetic performance on synth and vocals appear as if she’s living the lyrics right then and there. Reaching out to the crowd during ‘Dilute This’, faces screwed up passionately, it’s as if the girls are personally imploring you “What have we become? Just bored love like everyone?” It’s one thing to listen alone, another to watch an artist playing out their personal pain in front of you.nimmo-green-door-storeLet’s not get bogged down in the drama though. Put simply, Nimmo’s sound is fun… and it’s f***cking contagious. The synth continually fades and swells for dance-worthy choruses, all minus the generic chart list bass drop. Their transition into a cover of early 2000’s house classic ‘Touch Me’ by DJ Rui Da Silva is just as seamless. Most obvious to everyone is just how confident yet modest both performers are. On stage Sarah takes the time to thank everyone for coming, having both lived and studied in Brighton. Afterwards the girls grab a drink and mingle with the crowd. There’s no air of superiority you only encounter when meeting your idols, just two down-to-earth best friends with incredible talent. It’s obvious the choice of venue was a sentimental return, but even clearer that there’s so much more to come from them.


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