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As soon as I entered the venue last Friday, the jovial vibe was very apparent as revellers packed out the entire room. Natty’s soothing, gravelly voice could be heard charming everyone into a synchronised swaying through his calming acoustics. A sense of nostalgia resonated through me as I remembered listening to his album Man I Like some eight years previously. The crowd clearly mirrored that feeling as some of his songs couldn’t be heard over their attempts at some of his classics.

The number of people dancing was unexpected for the music genre and was much more upbeat than I anticipated. As soon as Bedroom Eyes started pure elation could be felt amongst the throng and you felt compelled to jump up and down with the rest of them, arms on shoulders of fellow fans. For most of the song Natty just held the mic out and allowed us to give our own rendition of one of his most famous songs (we definitely did it justice).natty-live-2He got an equally good reception with some of his songs from his latest album, Release the Fear, and the happy audience showed no signs of stopping. Natty’s chilled demeanour and stage presence coupled with his placid vocals made the longing for a cider in the sunshine so much stronger, as well as the mutual hope of a decent summer. When he played July the longing intensified with the anticipation of festival season, and the chance to once again be able to utilise the Cornish sands.

Natty played Cold Town towards the end which was a nice classic to almost end on and wrapped up a very enjoyable gig. He was obviously well received as the crowd gave rapturous applause to reward him and his band as they ended on a high. Although he hasn’t currently released any more tour dates this year, his album Release the Fear is available for download and does not disappoint!


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