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In my experience of gig-going, live shows tend to fall into one of three categories: some gigs promise good things and disappoint, some gigs promise a lot and deliver in spades and some gigs don’t really promise anything, yet far exceed expectations. Lucky for me, Jack Savoretti’s gig at Bath’s Forum this past Saturday night fell into the latter category.

Savoretti took to the stage and it didn’t take long for audience members to get to their feet. It’s true that a great musician playing live puts the record to shame, and Saturday’s gig proved that. Songs like Broken Glass, Back Where I Belong, Tie Me Down and Written in Scars are some of the highlights of Savoretti’s latest album, Written in Scars benefitting from great lyrics and Savoretti’s irresistible, gravelly vocals. Live though, they took on their own lifeforce, the music becoming a heartbeat at the centre of the theatre compelling the feet to move.

Savoretti seemed utterly at home on the stage. His ease of manner and gratitude for the audience’s enjoyment wasn’t rumbled at any point, even despite an unexpected intermission due to an audience member being taken ill. He even took it upon himself to jump off the stage and check in with the unfortunate chap – much to the chagrin of the ladies behind me, who quickly plotted fainting attacks!

The most outstanding moment was probably the cover of Bob Dylan’s, Nobody ’Cept You, a beautiful track both musically and lyrically which sent chills down the spine when combined with Savoretti’s voice. With several festival appearances lined up already this summer, get out there and catch a Jack Savoretti gig – you won’t be disappointed.


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