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Live Music Review: Alex Vargas at The Lucky Pig

Last night Danish born, London based singer, guitarist and songwriter Alex Vargas performed to a delighted crowd at The Lucky Pig in Fitzrovia. There was a definite buzz in the intimate setting of the cocktail bar and yes, intimate is another way of saying small, but in this case the cosy atmosphere really allowed the music to reach every corner of the room.

Alex has a melodic voice that’s almost haunting; there’s a beautiful grizzly growl that reveals itself, flowing up and down the octaves and taking you on a musical journey. As with many solo singer-songwriters, he’s especially fond of ‘ooooohs’, which somehow only adds to his charm. Now I don’t want to bring the tone down, but to borrow a phrase form Louis Walsh: “You have a recording voice”, and he really does.

Recorded or live, Alex’s voice sounds fantastic. You could both see and feel the Lucky Pig audience getting in to it. People were uttering words like “amazing” halfway through the set and one fan had even been to all of the singer’s shows. Clear dedication. But you can see why. My first thought this morning was – I want to be back at that gig.

Alex’s musicality – from guitar and keyboard, to a music box that allowed him to mix it up – is incredibly moving. There’s a sense of playing with different styles yet the music retains that same distinct sound. It’s like having a cake, where all the base ingredients are the same but the outcome is always slightly different.

This may have been my first Alex Vargas gig but it certainly won’t be my last. He’s back in London in October and I’ve just bought tickets. Maybe I’ll see you there…


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