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Little Mystery – Telen Rodwell Review

Little Mystery – Telen Rodwell Review

Telen Rodwell Little MysteryWith two singles already released in the last 12 months, as well as debut album Shadowman, Australian Telen Rodwell is looking to keep busy into 2014 with his next single Little Mystery.

Similar in tone to its predecessors, Little Mystery is a pop song that thrives on its flawless recording quality and layered vocals, making for a nice continuation of radio-friendly form from his previous efforts.

The album as a whole, not always as pop centric, is a promising start, which also contains some darker elements. Perhaps not as catchy or radio friendly, these make the album well worth checking out if all you know of this singer songwriter are his singles.

It will be interesting to see what comes next from Rodwell. Perhaps another single, showing his ‘dark’ side, or maybe a new album which expands on the promise of the first. Either way, he’s a talent worth keeping an eye on.


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