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Little Hurricane Interview

Little Hurricane Interview

littlehurricane2If ever there was a band that fits both the descriptions of being vintage and contemporary at exactly the same time, it would be dirty blues duo Little Hurricane. Their music is fearless and raw; their sound gritty and heartfelt. Known for decorating their stages with vintage furniture (complete with built in audio equipment), CC and Tone bring with them a ‘living room vibe’ that is authentic in whatever setting, be it festivals or intimate gigs.

Here the band answer my questions on their formation, their video concepts and their plans to visit the UK…amongst other things!

Q. For people in the UK that might not be so familiar with Little Hurricane, tell us what the story is behind the band’s formation?

LH: Little hurricane was formed when drummer CC posted an ad on the craigslist looking for a guitar player. Tone saw the ad and responded. As it turned out, we lived on the same street a few blocks away. We had our first practice in CC’s living room, and within months began playing shows around.

Q. The ‘Haunted Heart’ video premiered online in June – how much input did you have with regard to the video concept?

LH: We had quite a bit of input into the concept. We found a director willing to work with our vision and our budget, and who understood the vibe of the song and the band. The location and car were both found by a friend of ours. A lot of favors were called in, and we are really happy how it turned out.

Q. Your song ‘Get By’ was featured on the show ‘Revenge’. Are there any other television shows you’d like to hear your music on?

LH: Sure! We actually don’t watch much TV, but it was cool having our song featured on those shows. Having our music on Hell on Wheels or Mad Men would be pretty great.

Q. Do you have a favourite song on the ‘Homewrecker’ album?

LH: ‘Crocodile Tears’ is a band favorite because of the story behind it. We wrote the song after playing a show to nearly empty room in Vegas. One of the only patrons there was a director doing a character study. He approached us after the set and sent us a film he was working on, 200 Thousand Dirty, staring Coolio. We wrote the song while watching the movie. It was a lot of fun and a good lesson that any show can bring new opportunity.

Q. What do you prefer – playing for festival crowds or for an intimate gig?

LH: We enjoy each for different reasons. Festivals are great because the big stages and energetic crowds. We tend to play more of a rock set for those gigs. Smaller shows are fun because we can play some of the more emotional songs we have and get a chance to connect more with a crowd.

Q. What do you hope people feel when they come away from seeing you on stage?

LH: We hope they feel a sense of griminess and dirtiness that we try to put into our sound. Our songs have our stories, our hearts and soul in them. Our sound is real and raw. Having only drums and guitar limits us, but it also empowers us to own our instruments. We hope that comes across in the show.

Q. Any plans to visit the UK soon?

LH: Nothing scheduled but since we formed the band it has been a goal of ours to get over there. We are shooting to be there at some point in 2013.

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