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Literature Roundup: J.K. Rowling Reveals More Harry Potter News

J.K. Rowling has revealed a prequel of sorts to her Harry Potter series, which explains the reasons behind the Dursley’s unwarranted dislike of Harry as a child. The story, published on Pottermore, tells of Petunia Dursley’s long simmering jealousy of her sister’s magical abilities, and Vernon Dursley’s hatred of anything bizarre or beyond the pale. Vernon, who disliked James Potter upon their first meeting, continued to punish Harry for his association with and resemblance to James.
harry-potter-the-dursleysIn even more Harry Potter news, the series will be on the London West End stage from next year, in a play titled Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Speculation has arisen as to what this play will be focusing on, and who, if it is a beloved character, in fact is the ‘cursed child’. Rowling has stated that it is not a prequel, repeatedly in fact, as Twitter users took to the social media site to pointedly ask the author whether the play was a prequel. So, if Rowling is definitively confirming that it isn’t a prequel, then what is the play about? One of Harry’s children, or maybe Tonks and Lupin’s son, Teddy? A new character altogether? The only thing certain is that this play will be the most hotly tipped show on stage next year.

In other book news:

London-based Fifty Shades author E L James, through her company Fifty Shades Ltd, is now worth an astonishing £37 million. This figure is based on sales of her books and merchandise tie-ins as of 2014, so does not take into account monies earned from the film adaptation or her recent success with new book Grey.

Michael Crichton’s final novel, Micro, ‎is being made into a film. The book was a best-seller in 2011, and features a group of science students in Hawaii working for a biotechnology firm, who wind up becoming miniaturised.

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