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fear and loathing– The saga over J.K. Rowling’s secret publication continues, as her lawyers at Russells law firm in London admitted to their complicity in revealing the true identity of the author, pen name Robert Galbraith, of The Cuckoo’s Calling. A partner at the firm revealed the hush-hush information to his wife’s friend, leading to the subsequent public disclosure of Rowling’s identity. As a result of the book’s sudden spike in demand, it will receive a new print run to cater to readers wanting to delve into ‘Galbraith’s’ mystery.

– For any crime thriller book fans out there, check out this joint interview between authors Karin Slaughter and Gillian Flynn (writer of mega-hit Gone Girl): http://bit.ly/12RSgOy

– Way, way back at the beginning of the new Millennium, a television show appeared on our screens that had a nerdy, bookish young girl front and centre. I’m talking about the much-loved Gilmore Girls (or much-hated, it can sometimes have the marmite effect). Rory Gilmore was a voracious reader who read a staggering total of 340 books on screen across the show’s seven year run. Now, this mammoth undertaking has inspired a Reading Challenge for Australian writer and playwright Patrick Lenton: http://goingdownswinging.org.au/site/the-rory-gilmore-reading-challenge-1984/ . How many of these classics have you read?

– In other TV related news, prepare to be extremely excited, because the original (aka the best) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will be re-introduced to contemporary audiences in a graphic novel series due for release in Summer 2014.

– Tom Hanks will be returning to the big screen as Dan Brown character Robert Langdon, in the currently pre-production cinema adaptation (set for 2015) of the author’s recently published novel, Inferno.

– Finally, IDW Publishing announced at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend that they will be creating and releasing a graphic novel adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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