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alexfergusonautobiographyHow are all the NaNoWriMo projects coming, folks? If you are involved in this month-long scheme but are finding it frustratingly difficult to keep up momentum and motivation, don’t give up hope yet! Take a break and read these news pieces…

– Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography has topped the bestsellers list following another week of ridiculously high sales, making it the fastest selling non-fiction book since sales records began in 1998. It’s fair to assume a lot of Dads will be getting book-shaped gifts under the Christmas tree this year.

– Successful book and film franchise The Hunger Games could be getting its own Theme Park! This is certainly a level up from your typical action figure merchandising ploy. Here’s hoping whoever runs the park doesn’t take the ‘theme’ too literally.

– The Crime Writer’s Association (CWA) announced the results of its members’ poll, to claim Agatha Christie as the greatest ever crime writer of the greatest ever crime novel – The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. The winner of the best crime series was Sherlock Holmes. Against expectations, the classics of the genre triumphed over more contemporary books.

– Possibly rather late to the party here, since we’re now heading swiftly into mid-November and hence the Christmas countdown, but Epic Reads put together a nifty list over the Halloween period of ‘creepy’ YA books that should be made into movies. These are always worth perusing, especially if you love predicting the next big film adaptation.

– Fancy a more festive list? How about the ‘Ten worst families to spend Thanksgiving with’? Clearly, this is meant more for an audience across the Atlantic (Harry Potter characters celebrating Thanksgiving? Mmmkay…), but there are plentiful reasons here for why you won’t want these relations round for any sort of celebratory, presumably jovial, feast: BookRiot

– Speaking of Harry Potter, it turns out magically-wealthy philanthropist-extraordinaire J.K. Rowling has had her name removed from the Forbes billionaire rich list. The reason? The author has gone and given all those superfluous millions to charity (plus something about high UK taxes, but we only care about her generosity here).

– Tumblr is full of the good – wonderful ways to waste hours and hours – and the bad – completely pointless ways to waste hours and hours – but there are some great little things to be found. Kate Gavino has created illustrations of authors, sided with choice quotes from their recent literary readings. Zadie Smith’s suitably perturbed, eyebrow-cocked outlook comes across rather well here:  via Flavorwire

– What’s more, Flavorwire can always be relied upon for a hefty, well-researched list! Try this ‘50 incredibly tough books for extreme readers’ and see how many you have managed to read so far. Be truthful, it’s fair to assume more people have attempted Infinite Jest (*whispers* actually never even opened it…) than actually finished it in its entirety: Flavorwire

– In literary history, Sunday 9th November was the anniversary of the 1960 publication of previously banned book Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

– The 2014 Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction has revealed their judges line-up. Caitlin Moran, Mary Beard and Helen Fraser (former managing director of Penguin Books UK) are three of the new slate of judges for the prestigious £30,000 prize.

– What would Shakespeare tweet? Or Virginia Woolf, for that matter? Oscar Wilde? What wackily humorous anecdotes would Roald Dahl tweet to his followers? Bookish have suggested a few examples in answer to this ultimate question for the modern age: Bookish

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