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gillian-anderson-x-filesGillian Anderson has signed on to pen a series of science fiction books called the EarthEnd Saga series. Although in recent years the actress has been known for more dramatic roles, in period pieces (Bleak House, Great Expectations) and crime shows (the excellent The Fall), she is still best known for playing Dana Scully in The X-Files, so it seems like she’ll be heading back to her genre roots for these novels. The first book is due on shelves in October this year.

In other book-related news from Celeb-land, Ruby Tandoh has signed a book deal to write a cookery book with publisher Chatto & Windus. The book is titled, funnily enough, Crumb. The Great British Bake Off finalist is already writing a column in the Guardian, so it was only a matter of time before she turned her attention to bulkier printed matter. As it is to be published this September, it’s sure to be a decent Christmas seller.

There has been no shortage of remakes and re-imaginings for Shakespeare’s plays over the years, but there can still be projects that surprise you. Norwegian author Jo Nesbo is taking on one of the Bard’s most beloved plays, the Scottish tragedy Macbeth. Best known as a thriller writer, Nesbo is sure to produce an exciting retelling of this bloody play.

Hilary Mantel is writing a new short story collection titled The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher, to be published in September. Apparently not an alternate history tale, the stories will be an observant look at England today.

Quite possibly the most humorous lit-related piece discovered online this week, this wonderfully acerbic and silly take-down of Dan Brown’s 2013 bestseller Inferno is a must-read. Gloriously defiled by two friends in a semi-serious yet scathing manner, Brown’s book is reviewed in the best way possible: annotations in the margin. Circling ellipses has never looked so much fun! The Millions

Belfast poet Sinéad Morrissey won the T S Eliot Prize for her collection Parallax. Morrissey is now the recipient of the £15,000 prize, after being only shortlisted on three previous occasions.

The Hatchet Job of the Year – an award given to the “angriest, funniest, most trenchant” book review of the past year – has been given a shortlist.  The Omnivore revealed the selected reviews over the last week: The Omnivore

Tired of this winter weather? Is the only thing getting you through it all the comforting respite of curling up with a good book? Well take a look at this list of 26 books to get you through the coldest months:  Winter Reads

The Mystery Writers of America announced their list of authors for 2014’s Edgar Allan Poe Awards. This is an annual prize that celebrates the best in mystery fiction, non-fiction and television, and the winner shall be announced 1st May in New York City. The current selection of writers is too vast to fit in here, but have a long look at the announcement itself: Edgar Nominees 2014

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