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Now just a quick reminder that Wolf Hall, the much anticipated six-part adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s multi-award-winning novel about Thomas Cromwell’s sixteenth-century rise to power, will be airing on BBC Two this Wednesday 21 January at 9pm. The series stars Mark Rylance, Damian Lewis, Claire Foy and Mark Gatiss. Check out the full cast list here: fingers crossed this show is as great as the talent involved.

New Harry Potter illustrations have arrived online: these images are taken from upcoming re-releases of the beloved series for Scholastic and Bloomsbury UK. The new books – the first in the series run to be fully illustrated – will be available in October, with The Philosopher’s Stone to include over 100 illustrations.

Award-winning British crime writer Ruth Rendell was hospitalised last week after suffering a stroke. The medical team released a statement saying she was in ‘critical but stable condition’ after being admitted to hospital.

mr-mercedesStephen King’s crime novel Mr Mercedes (the first in a planned trilogy) is to become a television series, and the pilot script will be penned by Ally McBeal writer David E. Kelley. It will be directed by Jack Bender, a lead director for Lost and Under the Dome. The novel – one of King’s non-supernatural fictions – follows an investigator searching to stop the culprit of a murder spree, the Mercedes killer, so-named after deliberately killing eight people while driving a Mercedes.

Need to feel inspired after reading that morbid book summary above? Here are twenty inspiring children’s book quotes, from Roald Dahl to, of course, J. K. Rowling.

David Mitchell, author of Cloud Atlas and the recent bestseller The Bone Clocks (2014), will be publishing a new short novel this year titled Slade House. The story idea for this originated as a Twitter experiment: the 2,000 word, 280-tweet story ‘The Right Sort’ from July 2014, set in the same world as The Bone Clocks. If you have the patience, you can read the story here, just keep scrolling through 280-odd tweets. . .

MTV.com have revealed that the Blu-Ray release of Gone Girl will include a 36-page children’s book, based on the Amazing Amy series at the heart of Gillian Flynn’s dark and twisty drama. The story, featuring the eponymous Amy as a stand-in for Gone Girl’s Amy Elliott-Dunne, will be called Tattle Tale. As Amy bemoans in Flynn’s main story, from the first few pages of this children’s tale it looks like Amazing Amy will be trying too hard to be the ‘perfect’ girl too.

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