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For anyone wanting a new YA adaptation to obsess over, a new international trailer has been released for Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, based on the novel of 2012 by author Jesse Andrews, about a male high school student who spends most of his idle time making low-budget films, but decides to befriend a female classmate diagnosed with leukemia.

An historian has claimed to have uncovered an image of the real face of William Shakespeare. On the title page of a sixteenth-century botany book, Mark Griffiths believes he has found an illustration featuring Shakespeare’s likeness, which, if it is true, is a remarkable feat in the history of Shakespeare studies.

The Man Booker International Prize has been awarded this year to the Hungarian author László Krasznahorkai. The prestigious £60,000 prize is given to a writer in recognition of their influential body of work, and Krasznahorkai, though not perhaps as well-known in the UK as elsewhere, managed to win over nine other shortlisted authors for his oeuvre, which began with his novel Satantango in 1985.

marvelStan Lee, best known as the creator of countless Marvel superheroes over a long and legendary comic-book career, is penning a graphic-novel memoir. This non-fiction account of his life will begin with his upbringing in New York through to his leading role at Marvel Comics during the sixties and seventies.

It seems that reading for pleasure among youngsters aged eight to eighteen has surged in recent years, but the percentage of boys reading is actually on the wane, as recent studies have shown that the gender gap, such as it is, has now widened. While over 60 per cent of girls read for pleasure, just over 40 per cent of boys can say the same.

With May almost over, and the sun (mostly, sometimes, at least twice a week) peeking out of the clouds, it’s time to turn our bookish attentions to the matter of summer reading. Whether that’s beach reads, garden party literature or fiction to while away the long summer breaks, it’s handy to start getting a list ready for all the potentially great, or at least entertaining works coming our way. Publishers Weekly and the New York Times have their lists sorted, what about yours?

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