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J.K. Rowling is releasing a Halloween-themed piece next week on Pottermore. Fittingly then – to suit the season – Rowling’s new essay will focus on the more-evil-than-Voldemort (!), sinister Ministry official Dolores Umbridge. This essay will be a backstory of Umbridge’s life, and will reach approximately 1,700 words. A short and sweet (or maybe not so sweet) insight into the mind of this bullying character.
The Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards took place on Friday evening, with a big win for Robert Harris – who won the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger award for An Officer and a Spy.

The other week a funny thing happened – perhaps one of the funniest book-related incidents to happen in real life – as a Texan tourist managed to get locked in a London Waterstones overnight, and decided to tweet about his predicament before, thankfully, being rescued in the wee hours of the morning. This immediately blew up over Twitter, with many people declaring that they would love to be in the tourist’s shoes – so Waterstones duly obliged them. Waterstones responded by organising another lock-in (for willing customers this time) on Friday in their Piccadilly shop. Only nineteen lucky readers were picked to participate, after they took part in a competition that involved saying which book they would bring along to the sleepover. The night consisted of talks by a sleep expert, games with books and the guests were eventually put to bed in a carefully arranged sleeping area in the children’s section.

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To anyone visiting or living in London – there’s a literary treat awaiting you. The Museum of London now has an exhibition running, titled ‘Sherlock Holmes: The Man Who Never Lived and Will Never Die’. This special exhibition intends to investigate the enduring popularity of everyone’s favourite sleuth, from literature to TV and the big screen. It opened 17 October and will close in April 2015, so hurry, you’ve only got six months left to experience it!

The cover has been revealed for Neil Gaiman’s new anthology book Trigger Warning, which will contain a Doctor Who story and an American Gods companion piece. See here for an excerpt from the anthology.

Multi-award-winner Ann Leckie has had her book series Ancillary Justice optioned for television. This doesn’t necessarily mean a TV show is on its way, but it certainly means that someone out there in TV land is very interested in this Sci-Fi series.

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