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The Tolkien estate is to publish one of the earliest works of the famed fantasy author. The Story of Kullervo, written by J.R.R. Tolkien in 1915, will be released for the first time at the end of August. It is the retelling of an epic Finnish poem, and was translated by Tolkien while he was a student at the University of Oxford, though it has remained housed in manuscript form in the Bodleian Library for years. The story follows a young boy with supernatural powers who is raised by the dark magician responsible for the murder of the boy’s father; when he is sold into slavery, his vow of revenge on the magician leads him inadvertently to commit incest with his long-lost twin sister.

In other book news:

The book controversy (there’s always one) to hit the news this week is the release of a Nazi romance novel. Critically panned on Amazon, Kate Breslin’s concentration camp story, For Such a Time, features an imprisoned Jewish woman who falls in love with her captor, a Nazi camp guard, and eventually converts to Christianity. After being criticised for appearing on the Romance Writers of American annual awards list, the book was hit with a swarm of negative reviews on Amazon, similar, according to author Anne Rice, to a ‘lynch mob’.

The Guardian First Book Award now has a longlist for its 2015 prize. The list can be seen at the Guardian site.

For readers among us who appreciate the wonders of sci-fi and fantasy literature and want some recommendations for this year’s genre releases, here’s a small list to help you get started.

Is the rather terrible weather we’ve been faced with so far this month affecting your summer mood? Are you in need of cheering up for any reason, possibly the thought of needing to return to school imminent? Huff Post have a list of 12 Books to Lift You Up When You are Down, including Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half. For those of you ready to start preparing for the back to school period, take a look at this reading list to help put you on track.

Alan Moore’s graphic novel series League of Extraordinary Gentlemen became a high-budget, critical disaster of a film way back in 2003, but now it looks like the Victorian-era heroes have been given another chance. American network Fox is planning a television series based upon Moore’s popular work, and this adaptation will place the female characters, such as the League’s leader Mina Murray, front and centre.

British actor David Oyelewo, recently brought to audience attention playing Martin Luther King Jr in the biopic Selma, will be narrating the audiobook of the latest James Bond novel, which was penned by Anthony Horowitz. The book, Trigger Mortis, is due out in September.

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