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the-narrow-road-to-the-deep-northIn the first year where non-UK and Commonwealth authors were allowed to contend for the Man Booker title, Australian writer Patrick Flanagan received the grand prize for his novel The Narrow Road to the Deep North. Maybe next year will be America’s turn, but alas not this time. Flanagan has become only the third Australian to win the award in its 45-year history.

Not only is cult phenomenon Twin Peaks heading back to our screens, but it’s going to be featuring on our bookshelves too. The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks will reveal the goings-on in the fictional American town in the 25 years since the TV show aired.

Lemony Snicket creator Daniel Handler has offered an option for fighting against the struggle currently being faced by authors and independent bookshops. His idea – titled ‘Upstream’ – involves authors and indie bookshops making a collaborative effort to encourage more readers to buy from places other than Amazon. Authors will provide signed copies of their books to the shops, to entice shoppers to use independent retailers.

Margaret Stohl, co-author of the Beautiful Creatures series of books, has been tasked with writing a YA novel based around the Marvel character Black Widow. The announcement was made at New York Comic Con, and the book will be available next year. This is awesome news: if we still aren’t getting a solo Scarlett Johansson Black Widow film, then a book focusing on this super spy is more than welcome.

In Hollywood-land, franchises have become the norm. Why stick with one when you can make three! The J. K. Rowling Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them adaptation will be turned into three films. The first will be released in 2016, second in 2018 and third in 2020.

With Halloween almost upon us, how about a test of villainy to get you in the mood? Let’s face it, the villains are always more interesting than the heroes, so what’s not to love about The Guardian’s new quiz on bad guys and gals from literature. 

Loving an author doesn’t mean having to love every single one of their works, sometimes a single piece of writing can be so ground-breaking or satisfying that it leaves you with a deep-seated affection for that particular author. And in some cases, these works are – amazingly enough – the author’s first published works. Here is a great list of the 50 best debut novels published since 1950, including a variety of writers such as Iain Banks, Donna Tartt and William Gibson.

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