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not-that-kind-of-girlAn extract from Lena Dunham’s new memoir has been made available by the New Yorker. The excerpt is titled ‘Difficult Girl’ and is a sneak peek of her new book Not That Kind of Girl, dealing with issues of mental illness, among other memoir-ish themes.

A chapter previously cut and lost from Roald Dahl’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has now been found.This unpublished chapter five features new characters Wilbur Rice and Tommy Troutbeck, and was initially deemed too ‘wild’ for readers when the book was first published. The chapter was discovered among Dahl’s papers after his death.

The scenes within are set in the Vanilla Fudge Room, and the Pounding and Cutting Room, where the misbehaving characters Wilbur and Tommy disobey Willy Wonka’s rules by jumping into wagons filled with fudge. These wagons are sent through a hole in the wall, and subsequently Wonka tells the remaining group what will become of the duo: the wagons go to a room where ‘the rough fudge gets tipped out of the wagons into the mouth of a huge machine. The machine then pounds it against the floor until it is all nice and smooth and thin. After that, a whole lot of knives come down and go chop chop chop, cutting it up into neat little squares, ready for the shops.’

Even for a story where children are sucked into tubes of chocolate, attacked by squirrels and shrunk into miniature versions of themselves, getting squashed bloody and hacked up by machines is possibly too extreme for young readers.

Over the weekend fans of Harry Potter could celebrate the new editions of the book series by taking #HarryPotterSelfies at London, King’s Cross Station, in front of a large 3D image of the new Philosopher’s Stone book jacket. The new books are out in autumn 2015 but a recently revamped website for the series is now online.

Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes was taken off of Aldi bookshelves in Australia following a complaint made to the supermarket regarding the book’s inappropriate language. In one passage a character calls someone a ‘slut’. After the shop removed the book, it received further criticisms from people believing that such immediate action to censor Dahl’s story was wrong.

Another of author Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon novels is heading to cinema screens. Director Ron Howard and main star, Tom Hanks, are returning for the adaptation of bestseller Inferno. This book in the series follows Harvard professor Robert Langdon on a quest in Florence revolving around classic poet Dante Alighieri (hence the book’s title).

In award news, the 2014 James Tait Black Prizes have been won by Jim Crace and Hermione Lee. Man Booker-prize shortlisted novel Harvest, by Crace,won the Fiction prize of £10,000, while Lee’s biography of Penelope Fitzgerald won the £10,000 biography prize. These prestigious prizes are Britain’s longest-running awards, having been offered to writers each year since 1919 by the University of Edinburgh.

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