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J. K. Rowling will be releasing new additional material to the Potterverse in the run-up to Christmas this year. The Harry Potter author has twelve stories that she will be publishing on her site Pottermore over December. They are each short stories focusing on different aspects of the Wizarding World and will be featuring a variety of characters, including one dedicated entirely to Draco Malfoy.
pottermoreMore news for Harry Potter fans: check out this amazing new design project for the book series. This hasn’t been commissioned by a publisher, but looking at how awesome these designs are I really hope one does. Rowling, get on it. They even glow in the dark!

A judge has concluded that the ban on books for prisoners in the UK, which came into force last November, is unlawful. This government ban prohibited prisoners from being sent books by family and friends. Since its inception, the ban had garnered a lot of negative press and criticism from authors and the general public.

It’s that time of year, between the beginning of December and the start of the New Year, when lists appear all over the place. Long lists, short lists, important lists, trivial nonsense lists. The important and common factor here is the need to document the year past as a countdown of your best to worst. For books, take a look at these: the Wall Street Journal Best Books of 2014, the New York Times notable reads of 2014, the Washington Post 50 top fiction books and The Guardian picks for best fiction.

For the American counterculture enthusiasts among you, there has been an exciting announcement made this week. The formerly ‘lost’ letter written from Neal Cassady to Jack Kerouac, which inspired Kerouac’s On the Road, has now been discovered and will be put up for auction in the near future.

Toni Morrison, the acclaimed and distinguished Nobel, Pulitzer, National Book Award and Presidential Medal of Freedom prize winner, is bringing out a new book next year. The 83-year-old author’s new book is titled God Help the Child and is about a young African American woman’s personal traumas and struggles.

Flavorwire has crafted a new list of literary treasures. This time it is 25 genre novels that should be classics, including very recent titles and some modern gems.

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