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Remember the new Sherlock Holmes film adaptation about the elderly sleuth mentioned a few weeks ago? Well now you can admire the tantalising teaser that has now been released for Mr Holmes (out in June). Ian McKellen plays the detective facing his twilight years in 1947, as he struggles with his ailing health and his faltering mental powers of deduction while hoping to solve a case that has baffled him for decades. Based on a book by Mitch Cullin (A Slight Trick of the Mind), this film looks amazing, even for those usually not sappy enough for the sentimental.

Which books should you encourage children to read? Sainsburys conducted a survey and came up with 50 titles that children should find the time to delve into before they reach sixteen years old. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the most recommended book, while Roald Dahl is the most popular author overall. Rather strangely, J. K. Rowling did not reach the top ten, as her first Harry Potter book came in eleventh place (although Harry Potter came seventh in favourite book character). Alice in Wonderland took the second spot, and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe came third.

The Sainsburys survey was created for World Book Day, and there have been other events taking place in celebration of it around the country. But one incident making headlines was the young boy at a Manchester school who decided to dress up as Christian Grey from the Fifty Shades series. Regardless of the fact that it’s unsuitable for a primary school child to dress as a BDSM-obsessed man, it’s a terrible idea for a literary costume. Out of all the iconic characters in all the classic books, why choose him? But, on the other side of the argument, apparently the boy’s teacher was dressed as serial killer Dexter Morgan…
world-book-dayFor Potter fans in Poland, a new LARPing (Live Action Role Play) project has made the news this week. The College of Wizardry, a fan club that runs Harry Potter themed events, has started a crowdfunding goal in order to rent (or hopefully purchase) a castle for which to host role-playing events for its members. At previous events, the participants got to dress up in Hogwarts robes, and were given school books, taught wizarding lessons and met the castle’s ‘ghosts’. However, since the group’s activities have gained fame, Warner Bros have let them know that future events cannot be directly Potter related. There can be no mention of Quidditch, Hogwarts or muggles. The college, at Czocha Castle, will have its own houses and historical background.

It was International Women’s Day yesterday, Sunday 8 March, so for book lovers everywhere there was no better way to celebrate and educate than to select their favourite female characters in literature. What are yours?

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