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loncon3The Hugo Awards, presented by Geoff Ryman and Justina Robson, were held yesterday (Sunday 17th August) at LonCon3. The event could be livestreamed online for fans unable to attend. American writer Ann Leckie took home the big prize for Best Novel for her book Ancillary Justice, the first book of a forthcoming trilogy and a book with possibly one of the coolest covers of 2013. Following this win, Leckie’s novel has now won the three major Sci Fi awards: the Hugo, the Arthur C Clarke and the Nebula (as well as other top fiction prizes). She was up against Charles Stross and Mira Grant, among others.

The Orwell estate is now rising up against Amazon by accusing the retail giant of ‘doublespeak’ in its recent statement regarding ebook prices. Amazon used a quote by Orwell to highlight the current fight around lowering ebook prices – ‘[if] publishers had any sense they would combine against [paperbacks] and suppress them’ – however the quote they used had been contracted and therefore used out of context, turning a humorous comment made by Orwell into a more polemical one. Clearly the Estate were able to see the irony in this.

What is perfect summer reading? A beach novel: romance, sun and sea? A sweeping historical epic to last your entire trip, so engrossing that it makes you oblivious to the fact that you’re burning by the pool? What about something more obviously holiday related . . . how about hotel fiction? The Guardian has a list of top hotel-based novels (or hotel-related scenes in novels) from Psycho to No Country for Old Men. There is plenty left to add to this list: Elizabeth Bowen’s The Hotel, Ali Smith’s Hotel World, or how about The Witches by Roald Dahl? What would you add?

In further book cover news, here is a selection of gorgeous Young adult book covers for you to marvel at, from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children to other lesser known titles.

Finally, in response to the news of new upcoming designs for the series, here BookRiot has gathered together a collection of Harry Potter covers from around world. Pick your favourite. I’ve still got a soft spot for the original UK Bloomsbury editions – even though mine are now looking creased and worn out.

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