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This week saw the anniversary of a much-remembered event. The Battle of Hogwarts. In memory of this sad occasion, J. K. Rowling tweeted her fans: ‘It’s the 16th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. I’m having a moment’s silence over my keyboard. I hated killing some of those people.’ Well Rowling, we didn’t care much for it either.

Andrew Solomon won the Wellcome Book Prize of £30,000 for Far from the Tree, a non-fiction work.

Ann Leckie’s book Ancillary Justice has won the Arthur C Clarke award as a debut novel. This book is also nominated for the other prestigious science fiction award, the Hugo for best novel.

The writer of the novel Gravity is taking legal action against the makers of the hit Sandra Bullock starring blockbuster of the same name. Tess Gerritsen, the well-known American thriller genre author, is suing Warner Bros studios for $10 million, claiming that her 1999 novel inspired the award-winning movie. Gerritsen apparently supplied additional material to an earlier attempt at producing a movie adaptation, and these ideas were worked into Cuaron’s film as well, without the author receiving recompense.

Stephen Fry is stepping up as the new president of the UK’s Hay Festival, which runs from 22 May to 1 June this year and features over 700 events. Stephen Fry will remain the Hay president for three years.

© Finn Beales

© Finn Beales

The British Library is currently showing an exhibition about the Comics Industry in the UK. It will run until August and will be an exploration of comics in Britain’s history.

Steven Spielberg has announced his plans to make a film version of Roald Dahl’s children’s classic The BFG. The film is to be made for release in 2016. Knowing the state of films these days, they’ll probably add a few explosions and car chases amid the family drama.

Finally an infographic of books that forecast the future, from Gulliver’s Travels (1735) to science fiction of the 1990s, shows you the correlation between fiction’s sci-fi inventions and their real-life discoveries.

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