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how-to-be-both-ali-smithThis week, Ali Smith won the Baileys Prize for her novel How to Be Both, a tale that ties a modern teenager in Cambridge with an artist from fifteenth-century Ferrara, Italy. The two female characters’ stories split the book into two parts, and as part of the book’s publication half of the released books begin with the modern narrative while the other half begin with the tale of Francesco del Cossa, the Italian artist born a girl but raised as a boy.

Emily Blunt is apparently negotiating to take the starring role in the newly announced cinema adaptation of The Girl on the Train, the recent best-selling novel of 2015. The thriller by Paula Hawkins follows Rachel, an alcoholic girl living in London who spends her train trips fantasising a fictional life for a couple she witnesses each day on her journey, but who one day becomes involved in a dangerous event that she is unable to recollect.

Hugh Howey’s sci-fi hit Wool, from his Silo series, is also to be turned into a film, and it has been announced that the writer of Marvel’s blockbuster space adventure Guardians of the Galaxy, Nicole Perlman, will be penning the script.

grey-e-l-jamesIn perhaps unsurprising news to many book groups and reading circles, Grey, the (yet to be released) book in the 50 Shades of Grey mega-successful self-published series, is already top of the Amazon charts. This entry follows the events of the books from Christian Grey’s point of view and will be published 18th June.

In this week’s cover reveals, the picture book Happy by Pharrell Williams, based on his hit single of the same name, has a perfectly colourful look. The book is a collection of photos and illustrations of children, each image being celebrations of the idea of happiness.

The Los Angeles Times has revealed their 136 Titles to Look Forward to this Summer, from nonfiction to lifestyle books, to the most anticipated fiction reads of the coming months. This reading guide, though obviously slanted toward U.S. publication dates, is still worth checking out for its exhaustive selection of forthcoming books! And if you want more lists of modern books to get caught up on, have a look at HuffPost’s 10 Innovative Writers Shaking Up the Book World. There is a lot to be excited about with our current crop of writers.

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