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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone book– In the first piece of exciting news this week, Harry Potter will be returning in a theatre prequel! J.K. Rowling will be collaborating to produce a stage production of the beloved character’s early years. We can hardly wait!

– Swedish author David Lagercrantz (Co-writer of footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s autobiography) has inked a deal with Quercus publishers to write the fourth instalment of Steig Larsson’s Millennium series. Larsson wrote three books featuring hacker Lisbeth Salander with the intention of continuing beyond a trilogy, but his untimely death brought a halt to the series prematurely.

– Stephen King has another novel due out in June 2014, though this one will not use supernatural elements typically associated with his books. Titled Mr Mercedes, the author has revealed the book will chronicle a detective’s investigation of an unsolved serial killer cold case where a mad driver deliberately collided with and murdered a crowd of people. When a man claiming to be the driver contacts the detective, it becomes a race against time to stop the next attack.

– It is that time of year when ‘best of’ lists become extremely popular. Everyone chooses their personal favourites and pet hates from the past 12 months in preparation for the next round of highly anticipated books-to-watch-out-for taking over the shelves in 2014. Here are a few to take a look at:

The Guardian gathered together opinions of leading UK publishers on their picks of the year, and books they wish they had published themselves: http://bit.ly/19lQlvI

The New York Times put together a list and video compilation of their favourite books of the year: http://bit.ly/19lQqPX

Bookish has a great list of the best Sci Fi and fantasy genre books of 2013, from Neil Gaiman to Max Barry and more: http://bit.ly/Jcgtg9

Top YA books of the year: http://popcrush.com/best-young-adult-ya-books-2013/

– Check out this fun trivia competition involving guessing the covers of 100 books and see how many you can get right: http://bit.ly/1cnxNJQ

– Fancy some entertaining games to pass the time during all the Christmas merriment? The Guardian has created a literary crossword and a 2013 book quiz for all of us book lovers: http://bit.ly/197aKz2 and http://bit.ly/1d3cNZp

– Books, more so than any TV or film, have the ability to fuel our imaginations and alter our perception of the worlds each of us inhabit. What’s more, there are stories so iconic they worm there way into our cultural lexicon. Here are a few examples of notable phrases and quotes that have moved from literary to mainstream culture over the years: http://bit.ly/19I4HEQ

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