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jk-rowling-cuckoos-calling– In Higher Education news, the University of Reading in the UK has added a mighty prize to their esteemed Beckett Collection. The University bought a manuscript (consisting of six school exercise books of doodles and annotated passages) for Samuel Beckett’s Murphy at auction for £962,500.

– For those introverts amongst us, here is a list detailing five famously reclusive writers, including Marcel Proust and Thomas Pynchon: http://bit.ly/1dpILvT

– Take a look at these 9 Pop Art covers for classic books – if only there were more! The one for J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye is pretty spot on, perfectly encapsulating the hope and despair that run concurrently throughout Holden Caulfield’s story: http://bit.ly/1axnofZ

– It has been revealed that J.K. Rowling authored the acclaimed crime novel The Cuckoo’s Calling, published earlier this year under the pseudonym of (fictional) ex-military police investigator Robert Galbraith. London newspaper The Sunday Times discovered this secret authorship following questions raised as to the sophisticated quality of the “debut” book. Since the story was uncovered, demand for the book has shot up, heading straight to number 1 on Amazon bestseller lists and eclipsing its previously paltry commercial success.

– Although this could be filed under movies, three of the stills found at this link are relevant to all book adaptation enthusiasts! New pictures have been released depicting moments from The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire, sci-fi classic Ender’s Game, and Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in full body armour for upcoming humans vs aliens film All You Need is Kill: http://bit.ly/14RPBZk

– Goodreads have compiled one of the internet’s favourite things – the infographic chart – to explore the reasons why people sometimes abandon books partially through reading. The chart includes statistics on those who completely give up on a novel compared to those who take a (possibly years long) break before giving the read another go: http://bit.ly/1ahGqU0

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