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Jane-Austen-ring-– J.K. Rowling has accepted damages from her law firm for the unwanted leak of her involvement in the pseudonymous novel The Cuckoo’s Calling. The sum received will be donated towards The Soldier’s Charity.

– Rosamund Pike has been cast in the lead role of Amy for David Fincher’s adaptation of contemporary critical and commercial success Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

– Walt Disney studios and Harvey Weinstein will be adapting Artemis Fowl into a movie. It is arguable whether Eoin Colfer’s tale of the 12 year old criminal mastermind and his dealings with fairies is still relevant, considering how long the series has been in publication. Disney must believe in the potential success of the project so here’s hoping this leads to the next great children’s franchise. Because we always need more of those.

– In a bit of belated news, the Will Eisner comic book awards was held on July 20th, with Chris Ware’s 2013 success Building Stories obtaining four prizes including Best New Graphic Novel and Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga earning three awards.

– Amazon US will be launching their Kindle Worlds platform – a publishing venture to allow people to write, publish and sell Kurt Vonnegut fan fiction. The licence for this will come into effect in August. Kindle Worlds has been running since June but unfortunately is only valid so far for US residents…This could be a good thing, however, for those out there keen to avoid another Brit fan-fic writer making it big. Just saying.

– Playwright and screenwriter Tom Stoppard has been awarded the prestigious PEN/Pinter Prize (named for famed playwright Harold Pinter), which is an annual £2000 prize for outstanding British writing talent.

– American singer Kelly Clarkson is currently in the news for something other than her music: she is currently in possession of one the only known pieces of jewellery to have been owned by Jane Austen – a turquoise ring passed down through the Austen family. As a precious piece of British cultural heritage, export minister Ed Vaizey has placed an export ban on it, meaning that Clarkson cannot take it out of the country until possibly December in the hopes that a British buyer will claim it instead.

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