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bridget_jonesBreaking News! All spoiler-phobes please ignore!

– Bridget Jones’s Mark Darcy is tragically no more. In Helen Fielding’s upcoming third book in the Bridget Jones series, titled Mad About the Boy, it looks like fans will be reading about the adventures of a recently widowed, mother of two Bridget. The book will follow the 51 year old heroine as she embarks on a ‘toyboy’ love affair with a 30 year old. How very Bridget!

– William Boyd’s Solo, a new novel for the James Bond canon, has now been released. So far it has received rather mixed reviews, but the predictably suave promotional activities for the launch did look mightily impressive. Swanky cars and sexy hostesses are not a bad way to begin a publishing venture.

– The ‘Books Are My Bag’ campaign successfully launched across UK bookshops, with data showing that the shops participating in the promotion upped their sales considerably. Did you get your bag?

– Kelly Clarkson will no longer be the owner of Jane Austen’s ring, as Chawton House in Hampshire have managed to gather the funds together to keep the heirloom within the UK.

– A lot of campaigns popped up across the internet for the recent Banned Books Week in the USA, and one such artistic undertaking promoting the scheme appeared on the tumblr ‘Jubilant Antics’. Look here for some imaginative mugshots based on literary characters from banned books: http://bit.ly/17g4lDm

– The Warwick Prize, awarded every two years to a significant piece of English-language writing, across all forms, has been given to Alice Oswald for her retelling of Homer’s Iliad. This is the first time the £25,000 prize has been given to a poet.

– Graphic designer Nicholas Beaujouan has created some nifty minimalist posters for sci-fi and fantasy books. The one for The Shining is rather obscure, but maybe it just requires a reread of the novel, which as ever is a perfectly splendid idea! Halloween is coming up in case you hadn’t noticed. Via DesignTaxi – http://bit.ly/1bkEr5D

– Calling all Joss Whedon and Whedonverse fans! You’re in luck, as the wonderful but short-lived TV show Firefly will be continuing on in comic form (release date yet to be announced, but a teaser page has been released over at Comic Book Resources – http://bit.ly/1fin6fv). The series will follow on from the end of the film Serenity, with Captain Mal and his crew heading out into the ‘Verse to flee the Alliance forces, who are none too happy about having the truth about the planet Miranda revealed to the masses. This is incredibly exciting news BUT since this is a sequel to the film, it means that Wash is still dead, which is still far too sad to think about without sobbing like a baby…like a leaf on the wind!

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