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Brexit has happened, the weather is cold and grey, and summer seems like a million years away. Yet there’s one thing to brighten up these dark days: Boomtown have just released their Chapter 12 line-up and it is incredible.

For those Boomtown veterans amongst us, you’ll be aware that each year has a storyline and this year is New Beginnings. It’s a one of a kind immersive festival with a wide mix of music and enough pizazz to turn the darkest swamps into a wild party. You really need to experience this festival at least once in your life.

The 2020 line-up includes Wu-Tang Clan, Underworld, Kano, Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marly, The Libertines, Mura Masa, Kelis, Squarepusher, Orbital, Kool & The Gang and De La Soul.

Now if that wasn’t enough to tempt you, and you’re more of a visual spectacle kinda person, I have some news for you.

This year the glorious Boomtown crew will be delivering ‘State of Emergency’, a multi-stage spectacular show unfolding and unravelling throughout the festival with dazzling circus skills and mind-bending technologies.Over the years Boomtown has become a family friendly event with an awesome Kidztown and uptown area that’s great for young families to explore and join in with the Boomtown magic (they even have their own stage and a parade).

The festival takes place between 12-16 August and tickets are on sale now. So if you want to escape the dreary rat race and immerse yourself in one crazy city then gather your crew and get involved with Chapter 12: New Beginnings.

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