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Lights Out – Kid Karate

Lights Out – Kid Karate

lights-out-kid-karateReleased: 2013

Having celebrated the triumph of their US debut tour, Kid Karate are certainly a band to take notice off. In fact, the duo should be charged for managing to leave people feeling baffled as to how they can bring so much rawness and noise to their recently released EP, Lights Out, but still look surprisingly innocent on their album cover. Kevin Breen acquires just the right voice to be classed as a singer of a rock band and his impeccably clean guitar skills, integrated with Steven Gannon’s barbaric but on point drumming, is a sure-fire a recipe for success.

Their first track, Two Times, has an intro that comprises of a repetitive guitar riff that is minimalistic but sets the mood beautifully. After an impressive crescendo, the drumming sews the chord progression in place until the very end where the noise plateaus. You feel like you’ve been led on and deceived but hell, was it a good ride. The anthemic lyrics “two times behind my back, I aint coming back” pulsates rebellion and freedom from setbacks of an unfaithful lover, allowing some listeners to find common ground with the band.

The next track is Heart, which starts off with short and sweet instrumentals, gradually adding to the sound, something that’s thrilling and musically challenging. Lyrically there’s a lack of pizzazz to the song, as the repetitive lyric “If I had a heart…” becomes so engrained in the listener’s mind that halfway through you don’t feel the need to pay attention to what’s being sung but rather, what’s being played.

The track that follows is This City, which thankfully has some more adventurous lyrics. Unpredictable but amusing is how I’d describe it and that’s just how it should be. This track makes for the perfect chill out song where the drumbeats are distinct and the guitar ‘sings’ along with Breen’s voice.

You Need Violence is the last track and it’s faster paced than the rest, lasting only 2 minutes and 23 seconds. Vocally it’s more challenging and this establishes the band’s ability to keep control, showing that they’ve got enough experience to know exactly how to conclude their EP.

Performing in the UK at the moment, this is one band to watch out for. As for the Lights Out EP, it has already been released so it won’t hurt to check them out.


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