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One of THE seminal country guitarists of his generation, Albert Lee has been making records since the 1960s and influencing fellow guitarists ever since. His fingerpicking style, just as melodic throughout complex, fast solos as with slow, lyrical content, has continually been praised and copied by his contemporaries and more or less every country guitarist since.

Now, as he nears the celebration for his 70th birthday this year (for which there will be a huge celebratory concert), he and his band of Hogans Heroes, full of similarly experienced and top quality musicians, have released a 14 song album which demonstrates Lee still at the top of his game.


By mixing country covers of contemporary hits by the likes of Greenday with covers of more traditional fare, as well as including some brand new material, it makes for a nice, varied group of songs. Fans of country-rock won’t be disappointed, but there are also elements of skiffle, doo-wap, blues and honky-tonk scattered throughout to keep things fresh.

One thing you can count on though is the quality of Albert Lee’s guitar. By turns frantic and complicated and slow and languid, the melodies he spins on his six strings are beguiling and impressive throughout the running time of this album.


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