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Lawson Live At DeMontfort Hall – October 2013

Lawson Live At DeMontfort Hall – October 2013

lawsonA Lawson gig in the beautiful venue of DeMontfort Hall, Leicester was everything anyone who has heard a Lawson track would expect it to be: four exceedingly handsome young men crooning into their mics, pulling intense, Zoolander-esque expressions to convey their depth of emotion to a sea of screaming 15-year-old girls in band t-shirts.

The all-British pop rock band opened with their classic ‘Juliet’ before heralding Leicester as the closest lead guitarist Joel Peat would get to a hometown gig (being from Nottingham), an admission which earned them an extra loud scream.

Performing songs from their new album due to be released on October 21, rather unoriginally named Chapman Square Chapter II, lead singer Lawson openly admitted that the tracks are heavily influenced by his own unlucky love life. As if to demonstrate this point, he launched into an emotional solo of ‘When She Was Mine’ accompanied solely by his acoustic guitar. This of course, prompted the tears to start flowing of girls who have probably never had a boyfriend before, but who were determined to share his pain and had their tissues at the ready.

The band member who really stole the show was lead guitarist Joel, and almost every Lawson song has a guitar solo woven into it to showcase his incredible skills.

However, by far the most eventful moment of the night saw an overzealous fan grab Andy’s already low necked t-shirt and tear it further, revealing his hairy chest much to the excitement of the baying crowd (and perhaps even more so, their mothers). At least it prompted him to do his shirt up.

In all seriousness, Lawson offered a pleasant surprise. They are not your average sickly sweet boy-band; instead they offer an accessible form of soft rock to teens, refusing to sacrifice instrumental and musical talent to conform to the typical talentless pretty boy image and thus their next album looks promising.

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