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Lapland Debut Album Review

Lapland Debut Album Review

lapland-debut-album-coverReleased: March 2014

With an artist that goes by the name of Lapland, you would expect their music to be as vast, ethereal and beautiful as the place itself, and thankfully it is.

The self-titled debut album has been in the making since 2011 by Brooklyn born singer songwriter Josh Mease.

It’s ambient electronic music that incorporates a much wider variety of live instrumentation than the genre would expect including some gentle guitar strumming and some swaying drumming on the likes of Overboard.

Indeed, the live sound is very complimentary to the synth-driven pictures Mease creates, and with influences in country, jazz and rock, this album has a little something more than your usual slice of computer wizardry.

This is all too prevalent on the lilting piano stabs on Aeroplane which sounds so breathy and relaxed you could almost be floating among the clouds, and comes across almost like the baby brother to Pink Floyd’s Great Gig in the Sky.

Other choice cuts are the Beatles inspired Drink Me Dry with its stark contrast between upbeat guitar lines and lyrical themes of crashing into mountains, and the atmospheric opening Unwise.

The only criticism is that the vocals are often swamped in so much reverb and synthesizer effects that you feel like you are drowning in an ocean of dry ice. Cutting back on this will make album number two a real treat if Mease can maintain the high level of songwriting on display with Lapland. An encouraging start, and one to watch for the future.


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